1. I am interested to work overseas. What is the first step and where do I go?

As an initial step to applying for any job, whether local or overseas, it is essential that you come up with a *good resume which will serve as your initial link to your targeted employer. You will then have to search for agencies / recruitment consulting firms with proven track record to speak of which can guide and assist you land in a reputable and dynamic organization.

2. What are the hottest / current opportunities at GTI Recruitment?




3. How will GTI find the perfect job for me overseas?

Upon submission of your CV & File to GTI , we shall then assign a consultant to screen your qualifications to the job you are applying to. Then, you will be invited personally for an interview. Should you qualify from the job you intend to apply, then you will be included in the shortlist, which will be sent to the client for his immediate review and evaluation. Should the client approve the shortlist, personal, mobile, skype interview shall be arranged and scheduled. Rest assured, candidates shall be notify ahead of time regarding this opportunity.

4. How will I know if I was included in the list of shortlisted candidates?

GTI’s team of Consultants is very active in advising candidates whether or not they were included in the shortlist coming from the client. You may call us after 2-3 weeks after you have successfully completed the initial assessment. Our team usually based their decisions on the merits presented to us.

5. What if I failed the Initial Assessment. Do I still have a chance to work abroad?

DEFINETELY, there are other requirements that is best suited to your qualifications. Think positive. You need to be patient in waiting for the perfect job that matches your qualification. We wouldn’t want to place you in a job and end up becoming inefficient, would you?

6. How long should I wait for the result given I was interviewed already by the client?

Usually it would take 1 – 15 days, as every client differs from one another; they have their own standards and timetable in selecting candidates. Whichever the case may be you are encouraged to call / contact us for a follow up.

7. Upon Selection, what will I do next?

Upon signing of the offer presented by the client. You will then be turn over to our documentation & processing team of GTI. We shall then guide, orient and brief you about the completion of your documents.

Essential information you need to comply:

Complete Medical Examination (per country based)

Documentary Requirements (per country based)

PDOS - Pre Departure Orientation Seminar & Final Briefing – Travel tips and latest advisory (GTI Personnel)

Using ISO standards thru our monitoring system, we are efficient in terms of reporting and up to date timetable upon selection till departure date.

8. If I still have some questions / queries / concerns about overseas recruitment, whom shall we seek answers?

CERTAINLY, GTI Recruitment is the company that can answers all these concerns, you may call us at telephone numbers 02 -9409592 and our customer oriented staff will assist you or direct your call to the concerned personnel.

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